IoT Services

Build Connected IoT Ecosystems & Apps With Our Smart IoT Solutions That Empower Your Customers With Always-On Access Across Devices.

ISO 9001 & 27001 Certified with over 98% 5-Star Rating

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IoT Services

Build Connected IoT Ecosystems & Apps With Our Smart IoT Solutions That Empower Your Customers With Always-On Access Across Devices.

ISO 9001 & 27001 Certified with over 98% 5-Star Rating

Or, Use this form to tell us about your needs.

Our clients include 150 Global Brands, Silicon Valley Founders

IoT Development Services

IoT Custom Applications

Our knowledgeable IoT developers can work on custom backends and APIs to create IoT apps suited to your needs. Since we’ve been in the business long enough, we can choose the entire solution stack on your behalf to build a personalized ecosystem that interconnects people and devices - bridging the gap between man and machine.

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Leave it to us if you find collecting Industrial IoT (IIoT) data challenging. Our experienced engineers can build IIoT apps to accommodate an influx of industrial data from machines, manufacturing equipment, meter readings, and factory assets without slowing the ecosystem even as the number of devices grows.

IoT Bluetooth App Development

Our talented iOS and Android developers can build, test, configure, and deploy Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) apps to save power. Our BLE apps can connect with lights, door locks, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, speakers, etc., even when signals are low - creating the smart home environment you want.

Hyperlocal Beacon Apps

Let us help you leverage the Beacon technology for hyperlocal marketing. We can develop top-notch Beacon, iBeacon, & NFC apps that send customers localized messages about near-store discounts and provide updates about all the happenings at spots around them - driving local traffic and customer groups.

IoT & Wearable Apps

If you want an early-mover advantage by developing wearable apps, hire us. We use state-of-the-art solutions to create wearable apps for fitness bands, AR/VR glasses, smart watches, hearing aids, etc. With our robust engineering, we can help you ride the wave of new opportunities so that you stay competitive in the IoT space.

IoT & Blockchain

Our seasoned IoT engineers can digitally transform your business by enabling frictionless connectivity between your Blockchain apps. Following the highest security protocols and standards, we sync multiple Blockchain networks and hyperledgers with each other for tamper-proof transactions.

IoT with Data & AI

Zeikh Technologies can blend IoT, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you achieve remarkable results. Our skilled team can create analytical capabilities that collect critical insights from AI-based apps, devices, networks, and other smart gadgets to help you arrive at conclusive decisions from the accumulated data points.

IoT Testing and Maintenance

Partner with us for all your IoT testing and maintenance tasks. Years of providing software QA and maintenance services have helped us hone our engineering skills. Therefore, we can help you diagnose connectivity issues and network-related complexities quickly to ensure your IoT apps function at optimal speed.

IoT Consulting

To help you build a connected future, our IoT consultants can recommend new IoT initiatives, hardware components, ecosystem planning, and process optimizations. In everything we suggest, our focus revolves around ways to slash your costs without letting you compromise on your IoT adoption.

IoT Mobile & Web Apps

With hundreds of successful iOS, Android, and web development projects under our belt, we are a company that can bring excellent IoT mobile & web app solutions to the table. Our R&D will go all out to tailor those apps with rich features, next-gen efficiencies, and on-the-fly customizations - exactly how you want for your wearables, healthcare, smart homes, or industrial automation.

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Our AR/VR App Development Process

Discovery Stage

First, we set up a discovery call to delve into your technical requirements and existing workflows.

Feasibility Study

Our experts then conduct a feasibility study to assess the practicality of your goals and IoT readiness, keeping your budget and timeline in mind.

Strategy Building

Based on our study and call with you, we build strategies and document an IoT project plan to move ahead better.


Next, we create a mock design of the networked IoT environment comprising the hardware and software elements to get a design idea of the final product.


Our developers create a working prototype of your software solution within the shortest time frame.


Once we launch the networked system, we work towards its maintenance that may involve big moves or minor tweaks, depending on the need of the hour.

Our IoT Expertise You Can Leverage

Trust Us In Building Successful AR/VR Apps With Some Of Our Favorite Technologies That Include:

Smooth Connectivity

  1. Flawless M2M and M2H communications
  2. Fail-proof wireless networks
  3. Cellular and WiFi-based connections
  4. BLE Beacons, NFCs, RFID tags

Seamless Integrations

  1. Multi-cloud integration
  2. API and Gateway integrations
  3. ETL jobs for data integration
  4. ERP, CRM, and mobile device integration

Top-Notch Performance

  1. Microservices-based architectures
  2. Scalable IoT architectures
  3. Latency reduction mechanisms
  4. Continuous performance testing

Advanced IoT Security

  1. Data protection in transit
  2. Access restrictions
  3. Identity management
  4. Biometric authentication

Let's Discuss Your Project

We’re happy to hear your project goals and turn them into a next-level digital product. Get a free consultation to make this happen!

Or, Use this form to tell us about your needs.

Our IoT Use Cases

Our T-shaped team brings value with IoT setups for a variety of use cases like

Smart Homes

AI voice assistants Video doorbells Smart lighting Remote-controlled heating

Connected Healthcare

Remote patient monitoring Telehealth apps Chatbot for healthcare NLP bots for doctor consultations


Vehicle tracking Fleet management Remote vehicle diagnosis Connected vehicles


Smart stores Cashier less payments Wireless shipments Beacons for in-store ads

Service Testimonials

What people say about us

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"Team Zeikh is the best contractor I’ve ever worked with in my 10 years of experience so far; no doubt about that!"

Michael Cheng

Founder GoalMogul

"Zeikh has been excellent to work with. Their communication and willingness to address needs and changes to the web application has been refreshing. I look forward to continuing our relationship moving forward as we build out the app even further."

Jay Vics

Founder Local5Stars

"Always an excellent experience working with Team Zeikh Technologies. Quality of work and efficiency is superb."

Andrew Epprecht

Founder & CEO Phase5 Analytics

"Team Zeikh, is professional, communicates clearly, and does not hesitate to call you if you like. They work until you are 100% satisfied and works quickly. They works in your time zone which is a big bonus. Their knowledge is vast allowing them to troubleshoot, and make sound suggestions. I will be back again. Well done."

Chriss David and Associates


"Zeikh Technologies is one of the best Software development companies I have worked with. Thank you for all your innovation development and hard work."



"Outsourcing Dev work outside boarders is usually a daunting task, these guys however have not only gained my confidence, by delivering an excellent service to world class standards the first time every time, but have become family in the process."


Director Development - Schuitema

"Zeikh did an incredible job. They not only won my company's heart but also has proved that they are the best IT Firm in the whole wide world. They developed web, iOS and Android application for me, which totally reflect the implementation of ideas that I had in mind. I surely recommend Zeikh to everyone out there, as they not only won my TRUST, but is also my FAMILY now."